Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007 Hello 2008

2007 was a trying year. It had many ups and downs for me.SO I am hoping that 2008 will prove to be better for me and my family

I was not going to do this but then I thought maybe if I put my resolutions into writing I may actually keep some of them. So here they are.

1. Get Healthy. ( I really mean thinner BUT that really means a whole lifestyle change SO If I live healthier the weight loss will come naturally)

2. Plan better for my financial future.

3. Take more time for me.

4. Get organized!! Now this might just be the toughest one of all!

Those are it. Easy peasy right? Wrong. Not for ME! But This year I am determined to keep at least one LOL

Happy New Year Everyone!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Playing with my new stuff

I am so excited! I just love this new image from Rubbernecker stamps
I hand wrote the sentiment in.This is the first of the three new sets that i purchased for myself! You see I was a very good girl this year!! LOL Anyway this is the card that I made and I actually combined it with a challenge from SCS . I have a hard time with this challenge because I always want to add something more! But I am pretty happy with the results of this card. Right down to the leash.
This is the List
one stamped image that can be colored
optional: sentiment
optional: an image to ground the main image like an oval, grass, etc.

any shade of white
2-3 patterns of designer paper
NO other colored cardstock

NO specialty tools (No punches, No CB, No Piercer, etc)
any coloring tools
sponges OK

one piece of ribbon

Dimensionals are an adhesive!

Be back with more stuff to show you later!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Shopping!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday!! My family came over and it was wonderful!
Today we all go to my parents for Christmas number 2 as my brother and his family came in late late late last evening!!

I got many gift certificates to spend at my favorite craft places. YIPPEE!!

So today I will spend part of the day shopping online and save the travel for later. I will be back with projects in a few days!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday Turkey story!!

I don't have any stamp projects to show you. BUT I do have a funny holiday cooking story! Of course it was a snafu that happened to me. I should be embarrassed to tell people but being me I am not. LOL

A few years ago I was preparing the turkey for the oven and I thought the neck and that little bag of parts was still frozen inside the bird. So I worked for hours trying to get it out!! Using my fingernails to scrape the ice from the inside of the cavity. It took forever and I had to chase the thing across the kitchen floor as it fell out from knees where I was holding it wrapped in a towel to get some sort of leverage on it to pull the frozen neck out. I was not about to leave the neck and the little baggie of parts inside again!!)I made that mistake one year! I have to point out that this was happening at midnight Christmas Eve. I cook mine on low heat over night.

Well finally I did get the neck out. It was not easy either. I then stuffed the bird and put it in the oven and layered the top with bacon .(Dad came over to play Santa and leave the presents and I told him about this very long neck I had removed and how hard it was since it was still frozen in the bird.) He commiserated with me and said that happens sometime.

Well Christmas day my Dad was going to carve the bird for dinner. It was browned perfectly too I may add. He called me over and showed me the neck he took out of one end. He was laughing really hard now .As he scooped the stuffing the bird deflated in front of our eyes!! Flat as a brown pancake on the platter. Strangest thing I ever saw!! LOL Dad almost hurt himself he was laughing so hard!
Apparently I worked so diligently to de-spine the bird!! Yep I took the spine
right outta that sucker!!
Really this could only happen to the girl who burned Jello!!

This is a family story that I will never hear the end of.

My family never views turkey dinners quite the same anymore,,,, maybe next year we will have prime rib. Imagine what I could do to that!!!! LOL

Anyone else care to share their worst holiday cooking snafu???? It can't be worse than mine!! LOL

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ok So I thought I was done

Ok SO I thought I was done and then I thought of some more cards!!

I needed to make some gift card holders for my day care children! We made a similar card at club last night. However, I was a dope and forgot to take a picture of that one before I sealed the envies.

I changed up the scalloped punch, club used a circle and the stamps are also different. On a few I experimented and added some red swirls to the front. BUT again I forgot to take pictures of those! AARRGGG! It really irritates me when I do stupid things! Inside is the actual gift card holder. Red piece of card stock folded into a pouch and adhered to the inside. Very simple.

I also made this Origami Christmas tree card! OH what a blast this was and soooo super easy! They look really tricky when actually they went together quite quickly. Reminds me of the old Rice Krispie commercial where the mom is reading a book in the kitchen while her family thinks she is slaving to make the Rice Krispie squares!!

I have some gorgeous Christmas paper that I have been hoarding that would work great for this! Hmmm maybe I will make a few and get a head for next year! What I used: All products are Stampin Up
Papers Chocolate chip, Always Artichoke. and Kraft. Ink Always Artichoke and the Christmas designer paper. Stamps - Weathered BG.

Now I am finished! Wink!! Wink!! Anything else is a head start on next year!! LOL

Thanks for looking.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Ready for Christmas!

I have shopped, bought, wrapped and now am waiting for the big day! I have crafted and wrapped! I think I am done! (Well at least until I think of something else)
I have cleaning and baking to do but then again don't I always?
Here is the last of the Christmas cards that I am sending this year! It was actually a challenge on SCS using limited supplies. This one was to use a white based card. I chose ribbon as my only embellishment to keep the crisp clean feel! I love the cuttlebugged area on card! So easy yet it adds a lot! I love love love this ribbon and my bow was not too shabby either!! LOL. Sponged and stamped the center image in SU real red.
Ok off to get Millie from the groomers!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Storm!!

Well we had some snow the last few days!! About 15 inches according my measuring.
Here is what it looks like in my yard! It sure is pretty but I hate to shovel!!
This is shot out on the back deck!!

And it is still snowing!!

I have been crafting all morning BUT now the Patriots are on. I will try to post my creations later tonight or tomorrow!! I need to go watch them bury the Jets!!

I hope if you are snowed in as I am you are snug and warm!!

I think I need to clear the table before it gets too overloaded!!

Poor Millie(the 200lb mastiff) had a terrible time getting off the deck,, she couldn't see the stairs before I shoveled. It freaked her out!

Happy Snowstorm!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Featured stamper On Splitcoast

I participated in a challenge on splitcoast today while I had a quiet house!!
It featured Stamper Lilluvstampin her gallery is here
Take a few and check it out. She is incredibly talented.

I had to add a bit of my own twisted sense of humor to the card. The basic layout with a few changes is her design. I also switched up the color scheme. Different brads and added a bit of ribbon! You just gotta have ribbon!

I plan on giving Jacob his movie gift certificates in this card. So SHHHHHH don't tell him.
He will definitely appreciate the twisted humor of this card!
The sentiment is hand written and says "Merry Christmas poo you!"
I just crack myself up sometimes.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas babies!

I Know I have already posted a shot of my Tree BUT this one has my babies in front if it!

I was able to take this shot since Jacob was on the happy swing instead of the grumpy swing today!(or should I say moment instead of referencing the day) The joy of the teenage years! Millie will do just about anything that involves snuggles from "her boy"!!

I really need to go finish my cards so I can get them in the mail before Christmas!! LOL I will post the last of my Christmas cards once I have finished them!!

I just got a very twisted idea involving a tree stamp and the Way to go set from Gina K. Be back to post it later!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Another Christmas Card

I have been playing with this set, I believe it is from the Rubber stamp Tapestry company??? Anyways a friend let me stamp off a few images.
I love friends who share!!!

This is what I used.

TAC sparkling paper, SU whisper white, Provo holiday stack.

SU garden green ink, Copic red marker.(I think I need some of these now!!), misc. ribbon.

For anyone who is crunching only 19 days until Christmas!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! The holidays were so much easier as a child! But then again I probably complained it took too long to get here then!!

Well I am off to try and finish my cards sometime before Christmas!! I am very late this year!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Tree

It feels and smells so much like Christmas throughout my entire house! We got the tree last night(before the snow comes) We were going to wait until today to decorate BUT we couldn't. My niece Jessie and her boyfriend Korey, Jacob and I all decorated at 10pm. Although my 14 year old son was acting very Bah Humbug but he grudgingly helped. No scrooges allowed!

He used to love doing the tree but now I guess being the cave dweller that he thinks I am,,,it must be something uncool to do!! Oh well This too shall pass. I hope!

It looks so pretty with the twinkling white lights. and my angel is fiber optic. I just love Christmas trees.

Now For the rest of the house....... But I have the rest of the day for that! I am all prepared and waiting for the snow!