Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Tree

It feels and smells so much like Christmas throughout my entire house! We got the tree last night(before the snow comes) We were going to wait until today to decorate BUT we couldn't. My niece Jessie and her boyfriend Korey, Jacob and I all decorated at 10pm. Although my 14 year old son was acting very Bah Humbug but he grudgingly helped. No scrooges allowed!

He used to love doing the tree but now I guess being the cave dweller that he thinks I am,,,it must be something uncool to do!! Oh well This too shall pass. I hope!

It looks so pretty with the twinkling white lights. and my angel is fiber optic. I just love Christmas trees.

Now For the rest of the house....... But I have the rest of the day for that! I am all prepared and waiting for the snow!

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