Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Word!!

I have been reading on many blogs the concept of choosing a word to define the year ahead. This sounded like a wonderful idea to try. But I can't seem to find the right word. I have been thinking and thinking trying to come up with something that can possibly define my little ol self and my life.

I was having a real tough time until I was having tea with my friend Doren this morning. A word that kept surfacing in our conversation was PROGRESSION. Here is the definition according to Webster's New Dictionary:

[Progress] ---- n. forward movement; passage from place to place; to go on to advance, continue.

This fits me to perfection. My life is a steady work in progress in regard to my personal relationships, my new healthy lifestyle and career. I think this word fits my resolutions to a "T".
I may even add another word to it mid year,, (Don't want to rush this progression at all ) LOL
I have patience sure I do Wink! Wink!!

The word that I may add is
FULFILLMENT - - - v. to fulfill; to carry out; to satisfy to complete. (according to Webster's New Dictionary)

I am so impatient!! LOL This life we live is an ever changing journey and progression will always be part of our lives unless we decide to stagnate become a hermit and never change a bit.

Ok enough of my philosophy 101 lol. I have been using my new bind it all machine to make some cool stuff and I promise to share it with you once I figure out my stupid camera and get it to upload the photos on it.

Happy Hump day!!

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