Saturday, July 14, 2007

Does anyone remember Fred Sanford?

Sometimes life is just odd or maybe it is just me!
For years I have struggled with the reality that is my body and the number which pops up on the dreaded scale. I tried a new diet tip the other day which I DO NOT recommend to anyone! I steeped two different tea bags together which I heard would help as a diuretic. Oolong and Green tea and proceeded over the course of a few hours drink several cups of this. Well it worked,, to a point. I was peeing all right but I also gave myself a stimulant overdose, thought I was having "The big one!". I don't ever even use caffeine so my system just went haywire! Numb hands and arms, sweating, nausea, the works! Six hours in the ER and I was sent home to let it run its course from my system.

I always assumed that if a situation arose that appeared life threatening I would have one of those cathartic spiritual movies of my life flash before my eyes. BUT true to my deranged and quirky nature do I see that? NOPE!! All I see is Fred Sanford grabbing his chest yelling to Elizabeth that this is it and he is on his way! I did however think, I hope they have crafts up there! LOL It really was not comical at the time and fortunately it was not "the big one!" But now I can joke about it. I told my 13 yo and his response was along the line of Mom you never do anything normally anyway. He was very sweet though. He wanted to sleep with me that night to watch me. Just in case! So we climb into bed. I shut my eyes and felt his watchful little eyes boring holes into me! It took me several minutes to reassure him that I would be ok if he slept! He was not however, the least bit worried ask him he will tell you!! It is a great feeling to be genuinely cared about like that!

I have been crafting but since my camera is still not repaired I can't show you. Maybe I can talk my dad into loaning me one of his. HMM I think I may go work on that now!

Blessings to all.


Cheryl C said...

I'm glad you are OK! ~ that it wasn't the big one! Was that the day we came over for a few minutes? I noticed you were drinking tea. Go DECAF! : )

Markie's Mom said...

Your blog is a joy to read!

Debby Winters said...

OH my! Glad you are ok...I did that once and it scared me a lot.
Love your blog.