Sunday, July 8, 2007

So now I am a blogger!!!

Well my niece and son would be proud of me for entering the blogging world(that is if they were even remotely interested in anything that came from my typing!! LOL) I plan to use this space for showcasing some of my stamping activities and other crafts that I accomplish. I love to read other peoples blogs every morning and thought to myself; I can do that!! I might even make a few readers smile :) Please be patient with me as this is way new for me and I promise to try an keep the typos to a minimum!! Hope you drop around sometime.


mary said...

Nice job!!! I am proud of you too, and not at all surprised about your attitude towards housework!!!
Have fun with this- I will check back often....maybe someday I will have a blog of my own- in all my spare time!

Anonymous said...

Great job Les!!!!!!!!! Nothing about you suprises me. Your crafts are always fun and I have always enjoyed getting your cards. The kids did a great job learning ya!
lolol Love Dottie

Anonymous said...

LOL you are such a geek! That's why I love you!